Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sex Ed, Abstinence, and Abortion

Nobody wants abortion to be women's primary means of preventing pregnancy. And most of the people who are against sex education are worried that their priorities will not be part of the sex-ed agenda. As such, why don't we develop a national sex education program with three primary tenets:

1) Sex as a big, adult decision which involves consequences and emotions that can be difficult to handle, regardless of your maturity level. It is your decision to make and no-one else's, and you should decide to have sex only if you feel completely, totally ready and comfortable. Your friends' opinions should not be a factor. Your partner's desires are less important than your personal comfort. Television, magazines, books, bragging friends, etc. can all contribute to make it seem like the sooner you have sex, the cooler you are. Not so. Ask any adult. The more of a conscious decision it was, the less influenced by outside opinions, the happier they were with their first experience. Nobody should feel bad about choosing to remain abstinent, and it's nobody else's business what you choose. Abstinence is an excellent way to make sure that you won't have to deal with certain issues until you're good and ready.

2) There is a huge contingent in this country that seeks to make abortion entirely illegal. We don't know exactly at what point consciousness enters a body, whether it is an embryo, a zygote, a fetus. We have no way of knowing. Some people want to draw a hard line immediately after conception, that's how worried they are about messing this up. Historically, making abortion completely illegal leads to women seeking unsafe abortions. As the majority of us would prefer that neither women nor children are hurt or threatened, we urge you to take this issue very seriously and do everything you can to prevent a pregnancy from taking place, thus ensuring that you will never have to toe the line of potentially ending a prenatal consciousness.

3) Here are some time-tested ways to keep yourself healthy, clean, and safe, physically, emotionally, and psychologically, whatever you do decide for yourself.

Instead of laughing off the concerns of the anti-sex-ed people, why don't we incorporate their desires into our agenda so that we all have equal stake in this?

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