Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Milo Dilemma: Land of the Free, Home of the Slaves

There is probably no greater demonstration of the subtle slavery that rules much of our world than the people who have deeply internalized someone else’s hateful and reductive views of them. The Ben Carsons, the Ann Coulters of the world. Milo Yiannopoulos. 

Here is a man who appears, by most traditional measures, to be free, yet he is enslaved in the very deepest way. How free can you be when you live in constant war with your innermost self?

This is the most subtle and dangerous form of slavery: the kind that infests us with self-hatred, that convinces us to hurt ourselves and others like us, all the while thinking we are free. Here are the twisted mutations, the poster children for bigotry: "See? Even they agree that they are less-than."

There is something important that was lost to the world for a long time, beaten out of us, but which has been re-emerging as part of the great liberation, the great Enlightenment of the Internet Era. More and more people are discovering unprecedented freedom and peace, emerging from the darkness of colonized thought into the beautiful freedom of alignment with nature, and here's the big secret: The animal within is not our enemy. 

It does not need to be beaten into submission. We are completely, totally in control of it, of ourselves: but only when we interact with it lovingly.

It operates almost exactly like a faithful pet: protecting us, sometimes a little overzealously. When properly trained, it is a useful and loyal companion: alerting us to danger, protecting us from deception, and pointing us to the things that we need.

Just like a pet, if it is beaten, if it is starved, if it is neglected, it can become vicious, uncontrollable, unpredictable. It can turn on us, and others unlucky enough to find themselves in our vicinity. Nobody who loves themselves, who is living in harmony with the animal within, could ever be convinced to knowingly harm another. Only those deep in conflict with themselves can be convinced to inflict evil on others and call it good.

Here is what the conquerors of this world understand: the easiest way to control people is to convince them to turn against their own natural drives. By disconnecting us from our own intuition, they silence the alarms that would normally sound when we encounter someone who does not have our best interests at heart; they redirect the beautiful energy we would normally direct towards making our own lives better, the lives of our loved ones, and convince us to turn it to their ends instead.

All this in the name of bypassing fair negotiation. All this in the name of getting without giving. All this under the umbrella of one big lie that still enthralls much of the world: you are of more use when you are enslaved to a Master than when you are free.

Intuition is harmony with the world around us. It guides us towards the personal fulfillment that is our due. It is that which sends the bees searching for pollen, that which sends the birds after the warmth, that which allows a pack to act in perfect harmony without complicated directions and plans beforehand. It is our birthright, but, like Esau, many of us are fooled into selling it for a bowl of pottage.

Milo, you poor, poor man. I feel for you. You hate gays; I wonder if your male lover hates gays too? What do you do when you’re holding each other, whisper bitter nothings to each other? What do you do in bed, make hatred? What will you say to one another, if you ever elope: I don’t?

Know this: the despair and bitterness and anger within you is not natural, it is not your just due, it was not given to you by God, but by your jailers. Peace of mind is real, and possible. I used to want to die on a fairly regular basis, too. I used to despair for a world based out of anything other than brutishness, aggression, dog-eat-dog...what an apt phrase for the deep unnaturalness of the world controlled by the Disinterested.

Stop listening to intermediaries for the divine. They do not care about your fate. Their power is neither innate nor permanent; it is yours to take away from them. Redemption is as simple as deciding not to accept their damnation of you any more.

Here’s how you escape: take some time out. Sit quietly with yourself. Do this whenever you get the chance. Do this until you feel the peace you’ve been looking for. It is your birthright. Seek, and ye shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened.

Whenever the hatred of the Slavers starts to infect you, sit quietly with yourself until you find that peace again. Your own inner voice will return, it will strengthen, and the more you do this, the more you will invite self-love, inner strength, and harmony with those around you into your life, until their lies are so transparent that you cannot be bound again.

Good luck, Milos of the world.

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